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Several years ago my daughter's was put on a wheat free and casein free diet. I felt if I was going to ask my 17 year old daughter to do this the majority of the time the whole family should as well. Occasionally I fix a GFCF and non-GFCF version of foods but 95 percent of the time everyone eats GFCF In the begining our family was overwhelmed, but these days we have many new favorite recipes. Now that we have a handle on the diet, we wanted to share some of the things we have learned. Hopefully this will help make the journey a little easier for someone else.

Although I use many GFCF recipes we only avoid wheat gluten so if you need to eliminate all gluten read carefully

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me

DISCLAIMER We were instructed to cut out wheat gluten and casein from cows milk, rather than all gluten and casein so this website will reflect that fact. Although I do not knowingly buy ingredients with casein or gluten I do use items that are processed on the same machinery or factory as wheat and milk. Also I try to avoid cross contamination, but I do not have separate utensils etc. for GFCF cooking. Finally we live in Lincoln, NE so the food sources reflect this.

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